Friday, November 11, 2011

How to Make Your Desktop Look Awesome

There is more that you can do with your desktop than just wallpapers or those little Windows gadgets. It's called rainmeter.

Rainmeter lets you customize your desktop by adding "skins" that do can anything from displaying your CPU usage to launching your favorite program. You can get rainmeter here. This comes with the basic "Illustro" skin to get you started, but if you want more skins, you can make your own (through some simple scripting) or go to

For Minecraft players, I've made a simple skin to display a random splash and launch the game. To install it just unzip it and place the s4x0r folder into the skins folder. Next, right click the rainmeter icon in the system tray and select "Manage". Then click "Refresh All" and load s4x0r>CrafterQuotes>regular.ini to see it.You can get that here.

So long for now and enjoy your awesome new desktop.

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